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Good Habits Equal Good Health

Part 3 - Tips for Long-term Exercise and Weight Loss Programs Success

If you haven't read Good Habits Equal Good Health Part 1 or Part 2 already, I invite you to do so now. They set the foundation for your overall success of losing weight as part of all healthy exercise and weight loss programs.

            Fill 'er up!

You really don't need to feel hungry. Your stomach will adjust to smaller portions rather quickly. It's your mind that's the slow poke to accept the change. And this is completely within your control. Yes, like I've said before in this article, your mind and your thoughts are the true secret to reaching the goals of your exercise and weight loss programs.

To feel full faster and to give your stomach time to get the message, these tips should help. . .

Have a large glass of water before you start eating. Eat slower! Take a small bite; put your fork down; completely chew the food; and then swallow before picking up your fork again. It takes about 15 minutes or more for your brain to get the message you've been fed. So eating slower gives time for the satiety (fullness) signals to develop and reach your brain by the end of the meal. This way you won't overeat.

Those wonderful fruits and vegetables can also make you feel fuller. But don't slather them in butter and sauces. There are unlimited ways to season vegetables without sabotaging your weight loss.

Of course using smaller plates is very important to healthy eating and weight loss. In fact, studies done with experienced nutritionists and dieticians has shown even they can be fooled by large dishes. Large plates and bowls will undermine your success. Also, measure your portions as you're learning what normal healthy portion sizes are. Some guidelines are given in the table on our free diet meal plans page.

Finally, eat and exercise on a regular schedule. Most healthy exercise and weight loss programs encourage eating 3 to 5 smaller meals a day. And NEVER skip breakfast. Carry some fruit and vegetable snacks with you just in case your day goes hay-wire and you can't eat a regular meal on time.

And set regular time of day to exercise along with a "scheduled" back-up time just in case. You're developing new habits. For example: Brush your teeth and exercise every morning.

You come out the winner

When you follow all the tips and advice in Part 1 and 2 of this article, and throughout this website, you end up in first place. You'll lose the weight on your exercise and weight loss programs and you'll have greater success keeping it off. It's also scientifically proven that being overweight negatively affects your self esteem - whether you realize it or not - whether you accept this fact or not.

Therefore, getting back to a natural healthy weight will have a positive impact on all areas of your life. So follow one of the many healthy exercise and weight loss programs starting today. You deserve it!

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