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The Best Weight Loss Product

Weight Loss Tips

The best weight loss product
is a supply of great
diet and exercise tips.

If you're like most people you want to find the best weight loss product (or products) to help you lose weight fast. And you can certainly find diet pills, fad diets, and extreme exercise programs and other products that promise rapid weight loss. Just recognize that some of these may not be the best weight loss product you're looking for. Not all are ideal for you or even healthy or safe.

You'll find tips to compare weight loss programs within the "tips" section where you are right now, as well as the "program" section.

And you'll find more information on how to eat, including free online diet plans and healthy diets to promote weight loss in the menus & recipes section.

I firmly believe the best weight loss product is a collection of healthy tips and guidelines for weight loss, long-term weight maintenance, proper eating habits, and exercise. So let's get started with your collection . . .

How many calories to burn fat? If your diet has a deficit of 500 to 1,000 calories per day (500-1000 less than what you need to maintain weight), you'll be burning fat. And this targets a weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week. In other words, through exercise and daily activities your body uses 500 to 1,000 more calories of energy than you're giving it through the food you eat. The best weight loss product for you includes a carefully planned diet designed for your caloric needs.

Always check with your health care provider before beginning any weight loss or exercise program. This is especially important if you are significantly overweight and/or have any existing medical conditions.

How much water to drink while trying to lose weight? Whether losing weight or maintaining it, research says you need 80 ounces of water each day. If you exercise vigorously and perspire a lot, you'll probably need more.

Do you perspire a lot when you exercise? You may want to weigh yourself before and after exercising. This will reveal how many pounds you lost through perspiration. For every pound lost, experts recommend drinking one pint of fluid during exercise. This just might be a life-saving aspect of your best weight loss product tip arsenal.

Use the Body Mass Index (BMI) Table to find out how the experts classify you: normal, overweight, or obese. You can then use body weight alone to track your weight loss progress, although many people find it rewarding to check their body measurements every four to six weeks. This includes arms, chest, waist, hips, and thighs.

Do you lead a hectic lifestyle? Do you find yourself saying you don't have time for breakfast? Just get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning and enjoy breakfast at home. Include fruit, bread and skim milk.

Take a few minutes in the evening to fix yourself a healthy lunch for the next day. You have more control over what you eat when you prepare it yourself. Include grains, fruits, vegetables, and small portions of leftovers.

Get active at work. Take 5 or 10 minute breaks and walk up and down the stairs (forget the elevator). Or walk around the building. Just get moving. Skip this tip or the next one and the best weight loss product will be anything but the best.

Park the car farther away from the office, the grocery store, or wherever you go. An extra bonus is you're less likely to get dings in your car. It's challenging for someone to hit your car with their car door when you park far away and all by yourself. Get off the subway or bus one stop sooner and walk the rest of the way.

Bake, broil, or boil foods instead of frying.

I haven't heard of a research study yet that said you can eat too many fruits and vegetables, so eat hearty. You'll find recommended quantities in the Menus & Recipes section. But feel free to make fruits and vegetables about half of your plate.

Reduce your portion sizes and serve yourself - and your entire family - on smaller plates. Also wait 5 or 10 minutes before having a second helping. You may find out you're full and don't need anymore. Spend the time relaxing and catching up on the news of the day with your family.

This isn't rocket science. The best weight loss product includes the equation for successful weight loss that has been known for decades:

Consume fewer calories
than your body burns each day

The best weight loss product combines a reduced calorie diet with increased physical activity (yup; I'm talking about exercise), and you'll lose weight. And if you're carrying an excess amount of fat around your mid-section (this can be true for someone who is of normal weight as well as overweight and obese), this equation may also result in less abdominal fat and increased cardiorespiratory fitness. Now that's a win-win scenario!

Want to make the best weight loss product even better? Add to your collection of tips by exploring the other articles and tips for weight loss in this section, and throughout our website. You're also invited to check back every few weeks or so to see what new information we've added.

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