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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

How Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Helps

Sometimes diet and exercise aren't enough. But prescription medications or surgical procedures don't seem like very desirable alternatives. If this describes you, there's good news: weight loss hypnotherapy.

Weight loss hypnotherapy is performed by professional hypnotherapists and is a perfectly safe way to lose weight. It refers to a method of speaking directly to the subconscious. This is where your decisions are really made.

You may think you can accomplish much by force of will. This may work for awhile. Yet often people who lose weight by will power will gain it back when the dieting is over. Their subconscious was not in on the decision to lose the weight - and they revert back to their original weight, maybe even a little more.

Weight loss hypnotherapy targets the patient's most basic thought patterns, reprogramming them to more suitable thoughts about food. Such as:

   Eliminating the thought that food means anything other that fuel for your body. People sometimes start to think of food as a comfort or a sort of friend. Through hypnotherapy, this idea is slowly turned around.

   Adjusting classical conditioning. This is the kind of automatic, subconscious thought that makes people crave foods at certain times. For example, if someone always eats when they sit on your couch at night, then they'll soon get hungry every time they get on that couch.

   Dealing with those mouth-watering food commercials. You know - those commercials will come on the television to tempt you with every food available on the market, it seems. The commercials promise that you will be sexier, smarter, or cooler if you eat their product. They are often funny, so they stick in your mind as something positive.

   Addressing childhood rituals. How many of us were taught to "always clean your plate". Or my mother's favorite line: "There are children starving in India!"

   Changing attitudes toward exercise. If desired, patients can have suggestions that help eliminate any negative feelings toward exercise.

So how does weight loss hypnotherapy work? First, a hypnotherapist starts by helping you get into a state of deep relaxation. This is almost a dream state, yet it has some distinctions: you are aware enough to take in information.

Then the hypnotherapist will make some suggestions about your relationship with food. In your relaxed state, these suggestions will be made directly to your subconscious mind. But don't worry: you can make decisions about whether or not to accept the suggestions or not. You are always in control.

Weight loss hypnotherapy has been used with great success. In the end, it is a good tool to use in the fight to attain and maintain the desired weight. People who are successful through weight loss hypnotherapy tend to keep to their new weight because something has changed within them. It's a legitimate treatment that's worth checking out.

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