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Best Weight Loss Plans

The Best Weight Loss Plans
Part 1: What Are They?

There's a ton (pardon the pun) of information available on how to lose weight. You could spend days and weeks just searching online. Given the choices to weed through, how do you even choose among those listed as "the best weight loss plans?"

Look for reviews - such as what you have in this article - and see which one consistently percolate to the top. Look for the plans that are consistently listed as one of the best weight loss plans among the reviews.

And just so you know, before I make a review I do extensive research myself. This includes talking to people who have actually used the diet whenever possible.

Weight Watchers

They offer a very dependable plan that has been successful since the early 1960's. They've refined their program over the years as scientific knowledge has evolved.

The secret is that Weight Watchers teaches a moderate path to weight loss coupled with lifelong healthy habits. It's about more than losing weight . . . it's also about being healthy and keeping the weight off!

Weight Watchers won't tell you what you can or cannot eat. You can choose their Flex Plan (eat foods you want and track points), or the Core Plan (no counting or tracking, just choose from a core list of foods).

  allows for treats and indulgences without sacrificing weight loss
  eat grocery store foods and at restaurants
  builds more activity into your daily lifestyle
  teaches behavior changes for lifelong success
  support groups - local meetings or online communities


Their website is very commercialized; perhaps because they are probably the biggest name in online weight loss. And yes, they're also considered to be among the best weight loss plans.

You can get a free diet profile if you give your email. The profile evaluates your current condition and then makes recommendations.

From here you have several pay options which might be a tad confusing to sort through. They offer many different types of diets including their own famous eDiets Plan, the GI diet plan, the Mediterranean diet, and eDiets Express. Or you can choose to customize something of your own.

If you have absolutely no idea how you want to go about losing weight, then the number of choices and decisions you'll be making with eDiets may frustrate you. Nonetheless, here are some of the appealing features they offer:

flexible meal plans including convenience and fast food choices
balanced meal plans with a wide variety of foods
foods can be excluded if you don't like them or you have allergies
all diet programs strive to improve your health and lifestyle
several message boards and forums for support and answers
nutrition and fitness experts available
customized weight loss and diet plan for each individual
option to order prepared meals delivered to your home

You'll need to be disciplined and dedicated to succeed. And it's certainly not as personal as say, Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. It receives a lot of "high marks" so I've included on the list of the best weight loss plans.

In Part 2 of this article, I'll summarize two more weight loss plans. Please remember this: To find the best weight loss plan for you, you'll probably have to test 2, 3, or maybe more different plans. Because the absolute best plan is the one that works for you.

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