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One of the best and easiest exercise programs for weight loss is walking. And it's fast to learn. Why . . . I bet you already know how! Nonetheless, I'll share some tips on walking form and style.

Walking is an easy way to help you lose weight. Walking is an easy way to help you control and maintain your weight. Walking is an easy way to help your overall health. In other words, walking is one of the great exercise programs for weight loss.

For example, a regular walking program can help:

  • Burn calories and keep weight off
  • Reduce blood cholesterol
  • Boost bone strength
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase cardiovascular endurance

Here's a bonus for you: An eight-year study of 13,000 people revealed those who walked 30 minutes a day had a significantly lower risk of premature death than those who rarely exercised. Now that is good news.

Remember "easy and fast?" All you need to get started is comfortable clothes and shoes. It's wise to invest in quality shoes designed specifically for walking. Go to a running store and get a pair. All exercise programs for weight loss require some form of investment. Besides, your feet, knees and back are all worth it.

It's best to walk slowly for the first few minutes to get your muscles warmed up. Actually, warm-up is important for any exercise you do.

As to form . . . keep your head and torso erect, and your arms swinging comfortably back and forth. Don't hold your arms up and in front of you. For some reason many people think this is correct and it's not. Your arms should swing to fit your pace: Faster pace means bigger arm swing. It also helps you move faster.

As for your stride length, it's governed by speed: The faster you walk, the longer your steps. Be careful when you get walking really fast, (if you're on a treadmill, we're talking about 4.2 mph or faster): there's a tendency to lean forward, which often results in a misaligned head and torso which affects your center of gravity, straining your lower back. Plus it usually hunches your shoulders which increases the tension in your upper back.

You see, even exercise programs for weight loss as straight forward as walking demand some attention to form and style. Your results and your health will benefit from it.

Regardless of your height, find a comfortable stride length. Keep your torso erect. And get relaxed as you walk - working hard but relaxed. When you've built up to the point you can walk a couple miles with relative ease, mix it up a bit.

You can do interval training as part of your walking exercise programs for weight loss; add in some hills (this increases cardiovascular endurance and really tones your legs); or even do circuit training. An example of a circuit program can be found in Great Fitness Weight Loss Programs Include Circuit Training.

Don't carry weights when you walk

Here's another important tip: It's not recommended to carry or wear weights when you walk. Even light weights will alter your walking mechanics when worn on your hands or feet.

Final tip: When you've finished your walk take time to cool down and stretch. Walk slowly for three minutes or so and then stretch. Taking a few minutes to stretch after you finished walking is very important because it helps prevent sore muscles.

That's it! One of the easy and fast exercise programs for weight loss is walking. And it's also one of the most recommended programs by health care providers. So "step off" to fitness and easier weight loss today!

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